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Where am Aye? Thankful Edition!

Saturday, November 15 with Lady Circus

Lady Circus will be hosting a "Saloon" tonight at Gringolandia in Chelsea. There will be stilting, silks, trapeze, contortion, guns, poker games, fun and mayhem, all set to a 9 piece house band that sounds like Bob Dylan went to the wild west!

Honey Space
148 11th Ave. btw 21st & 22nd
with special guest boy, Jelly Boy the Clown

You Can Thrive! Burlesque Breast Fest
Monday, November 17th @ 7pm
Madame X
94 W. Houston Street (between Thompson and Laguardia)

Featuring Top Burlesque:
Jo 'Boobs' Weldon, Dirty Martini, Bonnie Dunn, Little Brooklyn, Rose Wood, Run Around Sue,
Misty Lux and other special guests.
Wit Carnival acts, Adam the First Real Man, Psychic Linda, astrologer Michelle Star, Magician Nelson Lugo, belly dancing and fun festivities for a good cause.
Open P.I.N.K. Vodka bar till 8pm. Also sponsored by Daisy Rock Guitars.
Raffles, door prizes and amazing company will make this a memorable Monday!
Cost: $20 advance ($40 @ door)

Check out the Chi-Ciones in their first full length show:
"Le Salad' de Burlesque"
November 23rd 8pm. 5$
167 Orchard St. (Orchard and Stanton Lower East Side)

Plus, ATTENTION DC! Pencils down, eyes up!!!


Sex ed. meets study hall when New York's own Merkinettes come to DC with Headmistress of Ceremonies, The Lady Aye and foreign exchange student from the break-away republic of Booboslavia, Kiki Clutch in Flirty, Dirty and Nerdy! On Saturday, November 29, class is in session at The Palace of Wonders (1210 H Avenue, NE, Washington, DC) and audiences will be schooled by these brainy beauties on everything from Star Trek to Phys. Ed. with refresher courses in physiology and Latin in between. Doors at 8pm - $10
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