lady_i (lady_i) wrote in circusfetish,

Boobs & Beer Make You Smarter!

The Asbury Park Press is smart:

Find out Friday night when New York's most popular game show host and four variety vixens come to Asbury Lanes for a unique interactive game show that pits audience IQ against the cast's T&A. Audience members will get their chance to test their knowledge of a range of rock 'n' roll genres for prizes, applause and displays of talent from New York's finest variety performers. Host Noah Tarnow poses the questions while Shelly "The Singing Siren" Watson, The Lady Aye, Minnie Tonka and Fleur de Lys flaunt talents ranging from singing to sideshow to striptease. Plus each beautiful brainiac will take a turn against audience members in a battle of wits on all things rock 'n' roll

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