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Dear Freaks:

When I began this community, it was due to the fact that I have an incredible obsession with all things circus and sideshow. It was my attempt to reach out to the other strange, odd and unusual creatures from all walks of life in the hopes of maintaining some sort of active on-line community.

Perhaps I failed in my position of being in charge of everything. In fairness, there were several attempts on my part to get people motivated in participating.

Somewhere along the line, the whole point and purpose of this community was lost, and I have watched this space degenerate into yet another place for event posting.

There are a lot of things in the so-called 'sideshow' and 'burlesque' communities that I feel are severely lacking. Loyalty, honesty and integrity being the main three.

These words are not aimed at anyone directly, however there are many of you out there in this business who seem blind to bullshit that is plaguing one of America's oldest forms of entertainment. Maybe it doesn't bother you that so many people are jumping into it like the next hottest fad, but personally, it churns my stomach. As much as I appreciate circus and sideshow and burlesque being in the mainstream spotlight, I had no idea that meant so many frauds and posers would take the stage and be applauded with such gusto.

To you I am most likely a nobody, and that's fine by me. I have never asked for fame or fortune. I paid my dues and got my hands dirty more than most of these people who are out there performing without one shred of respect for those that paved the way for you in the first place. You are slowly discrediting any chance sideshow had to be a legitimate art form and make it that much harder for those of us who depend on it to make our living.

And I know that there are performers out there at this moment who are feeling the effects of the economy. Some of you had jobs prior to performing, and should perhaps consider returning to them. Because being a Carny is something you live every fucking day, and if you can't deal with being broke from time to time, then it's definitely not the life for you.

In the 1930's when the Depression struck, there were still people traveled across America, as much a vast desert wasteland as it was, and they set up their tents in tiny little towns. It was not the most impressive time for circus and sideshow, but you could go out to Coney Island and eat a hot dog, ride the Cyclone or see one of at least a dozen sideshows for a nickle.

It seems that others have forgotten this time. Don't you think the Carnies were well worn-out? There were days and weeks where money and food were low or non-existent. Some jumped ship, but those that stuck with their outfits all fucking season are the real heroes. They truly represent what the true spirit of Circus once was, and what it can be again despite the overwhelming presence of mainstream media and the current brand of entertainment being offered.

Today I pose a question that may or may not get the answer I am looking for. In the end, I will always hold true to my values, because right now it's all I have to believe in.

Are you with it?

Comments are being disabled. This community will be deleted by next week, but I will erect a new, improved one in it's place and hopefully get what I want out of it this time.

Here's where you can reach me should you like to comment or have an answer to my question:
E-mail: philthyangel@gmail.com

<3 Lenore 'Angel Baby' Lovelace, Carny Trash Aristocrat
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