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Encore! Encore!

We did two standing room only nights last weekend, and still you want more?!

We'll at The Rusted Gun we aim to please!

If you have always wanted to see me cast as the vicious, greedy Madame of an old-timey western saloon...AND long, tall cowboys and their lady loves, fire dancing opium addicts, hula hooping school marms, gun-toting aerialists and a LIVE band! BOY! are you in luck, you'll have ANOTHER TWO chances this weekend:

Got to for tix and saddle up to the bar, y'all!

Lady Circus and the Mickey Western Band Present:
The Rusted Gun Saloon

Times are tough in this tumble-weed town,
but the lovely Ladies do what they need to do to get by.
'Til one day a surprise rolls into town
and turns this scene right upside down.

Join us for a lively and tumultuous tale
of high-stakes love, jealousy, and devotion.
A full production that brings together live music
and circus in the sky and on the ground.

The House of YES
342 Maujer Street
Brooklyn, NY, 11206 
( L to Grand-Cross street Morgan Ave. and Maujer St.)

When: Friday January 23 and Saturday January 24

Time: Doors at 9pm, seating is limited

Tickets: $20 dollars, BYOB!

Tix will be available online shortly!

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