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Read all of the shit below before joining. Stupid questions get stupid answers, so make sure you DO read it all before asking anything.

Now down to business. There are no rules here, as I don't believe in that shit. You set rules, people will go out of their way to break them.

However, there are a few common courtesies I ask you show your fellow man freak while you are here, and they are as follows:

  • You may post anything that is related to the subject of this community, which is circus and sideshow fetish. This includes stories--be they real or fictional, pictures [we love pictures] or just general fantasies.
  • When posting a massive entry or large photo, be nice to those with a slower connection and use that handy dandy cut tag thinger.
  • When posting photos that may not be work safe, please use put a warning in your headline for the entry so that we're not in the office with circus porn on our computers. People might not understand.

We are all here to have fun and share, so there will be no flame wars and other such bullshit.
We do not tolerate ignorance, and if you are caught spewing opinions that are unfriendly and otherwise coming out of your ass, you will leave.

Altho this is a community that focuses primarily on circus and sideshow fetishism, it also expands into medcial and horror fetishes, as there were many medical shows back in the day, and live horror shows in the 50's that also have their errotic undertones.

Off-topic posts will be deleted.

Kids who need attention by proclaiming themselves to be "freaks" need to be repeatedly kicked in the head. You are not important. Do the world a favor and kill yourself. Don't waste space in my community with your shitty promotion.

That's about it. If you need to know what subject matter is or is not appropriate, direct your attention to that neat little list of interests further down the page.

Suggestions, complaints, compliments and other such comments are welcome at all times.

Please watch your step as you enter, and if you feel this is not for you, see your way to the egress...

Creator/maintainer: hideousfrost
Moderators: missginnelly, paulakaiser

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